This is part of a series I am writing for me to have a better understanding of Regex and for others who learn like me to have a sort of reference.

In this series I would like to talk about character flags and character sets in Regex.

The most common Regex flags that you will see are the /g and /i flags used at the end of the Regex. These flags are used in combination with other character sets or classes to filter through and search for something with this added parameter.


This flag is used to find a regex…

Test and Match

I wanted to look into Regex as sometimes when I look at it, I feel that there is so much going it’s hard to comprehend. What I will be doing here is trying to break down the different aspects of Regex at more of a face level. I also wanted to get a better understanding of Regex so I can create better validations for the future projects/apps especially as things start to scale up.

Before I started talking about Regex I would like to offer a description of it from the MDN docs

Regular expressions are patterns…

This blog was created for my coding bootcamp school at Flatiron, this is one of the last installments of blogs that I needed to complete in order to graduate.

This is a story about this, arrow functions, and classic function and how they interact with each other.

THIS keyword allows us to refer to the properties that are defined on the object from within that object.

What does this even mean?

To talk about this , we would also need to talk about the DOM as well. The DOM is a Document Object Model. Pretty much what you are…




How does it all work?

All through functions.

That is how Javascript gets anything done, with the use of functions.


What I will be talking to you here is the redux flow.

From the Action to the Reducer to State being updating.


You have your actions which are called upon with a dispatch. They get dispatched from the container to it’s child components. A good practice would be to have these actions passed to presentational components or stateless functional components. You can pass it down as props to the function in question.

In order for…




While things are happening it gets other things so that it doesn’t take forever to load up.

Synchronous code is when code continues off only when the previous piece of code finishes.

Asynchronous code runs while other code is running.

To put in perspective, think about you going to eat at a restaurant.

Let’s say you order appetizers of wings, main entree of burgers with fries, and a desert of ice cream.

Synchronous code would be the chef cooks your wings first, then once that is done cooks your burgers, once the the burger is done they…


Before I speak about AR Associations, let us touch upon the MVC.

Model, view, controller.

The model holds the database where the `object` is essentially held.

The view is what the user sees, that is presented from the controller.

The controller is the middleman that takes the request from the user/client using the browser requesting the data.

Request flow

When a client requests data from the view, the request goes to the `controller` grabs the data the client is looking for from the `model`. The model then gives the controller that data. The `controller` then takes that data and presents it to…

This what I have learned from doing my Sinatra Project from Flatiron School.

Project is called Gracious Gourmet.

What is Sinatra?

Sinatra is a gem or a web application framework that has been created to help alleviate headaches in web development. In combination of RESTful routing you can make a website flow through your controller.

Keeping in mind MVC which stands for model view controller. The model is where the logic is kept, the data is stored here and also can be manipulated. Views are what the client can view or see, this is what is called the “front-end”. The controller is like…

My name is Franklyn….

And this….

is a story about….

a man….

a project …..

and a goal……..

WARNING: I’ve only been at this for three weeks, so concepts and technical terms are still bit shaky at best


CLI or other wise known as command line interface

this is where the user can interact with the program

where it comes to the life

the brains

the logic

without the CLI the user could never really use the program, short of teaching them how to use




What is to scrape?

What is the act of scraping?


Scraping is used to take certain elements or data that you want from a website. This is a very useful tool!! because>//….why???!!!

You can take that…

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