Test and Match

I wanted to look into Regex as sometimes when I look at it, I feel that there is so much going it’s hard to comprehend. What I will be doing here is trying to break down the different aspects of Regex at more of a face level…




How does it all work?

All through functions.

That is how Javascript gets anything done, with the use of functions.


What I will be talking to you here is the redux flow.

From the Action to the Reducer to State being updating.


You have your…




While things are happening it gets other things so that it doesn’t take forever to load up.

Synchronous code is when code continues off only when the previous piece of code finishes.

Asynchronous code runs while other code is running.

To put in perspective, think about you…

My name is Franklyn….

And this….

is a story about….

a man….

a project …..

and a goal……..

WARNING: I’ve only been at this for three weeks, so concepts and technical terms are still bit shaky at best


CLI or other wise known as command line interface

this is where the user can interact with the program

where it comes to the life

the brains

the logic


Franklyn Rodriguez

Full-Stack Developer on the search for new opportunities to learn and grow my skills

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